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Welcome to the THRIVE Project SUPERQUIZ!

The THRIVE project would like to invite you to participate in our SuperQuiz, in which you can put your thrivability knowledge to the test. The winner receives a prize – 10 seedlings planted in their name as well as a certificate. This prize keeps giving back to the environment. As the seedlings grow, they absorb carbon, improve soil health and provide homes and food for wild animals. Every tree planted offsets one year of a human being’s carbon sequestration. Our SuperQuiz will be based on Policies Towards Sustainability. These topics are covered in our THRIVE blog. So why not come and see how you fare?

Hang in there for the SuperQuiz and stayed tuned!


  • Morris Fedeli

    Morris D Fedeli is a semi-retired practitioner and doctoral researcher at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, with three decades of industry experience in helping organizations achieve success through the application of new emerging innovative business models and technologies. As a pracademic, he offers a unique Australasian perspective, with experience across three continents and degrees in science, business and project management. His research interest and passion lie in sustainable business innovation strategies for a prosperous society and thrivable future.