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From its inception, THRIVE Project sought to be informed by the natural and social sciences to research, educate and advocate for the necessary change in society to ensure the long-term flourishing of civilization on Earth.

Eight years in the making, we are a respected international movement in the field of thrivability, with no other organization approaching sustainability, as universally, holistically, and transparently as we do.

To this end, harnessing the latest in machine learning, holo-chain, and cloud computing, we develop technologies, tools, and educational programmes arming individuals with the understanding to make the changes they seek in the pursuit of prosperity for all.

Achieving sustainability

As the peak organization in this field in Australia, we have carved the position of leader in the field of identifying entity models and assessing strategies that directly link to the well-being of organizations, cities, and countries worldwide.

“There are no sustainable entities on an unsustainable Earth.”

– Morris D Fedeli, Project Lead (Australia)

Maorris Fedeli

To deliver providence and prosperity by illuminating the way forward towards integrating thrivability within the fabric of society and the environmental ecosystem of the planet.

To live in a world where all life forms co-exist in harmony and solidarity with each other, in the pursuit of global shared value creation and prosperity.

To capture mind share, and instil healthier attitudes and habits, promoting a more resilient and regenerative future for all. Deliver on projects across our three organizational arms, namely: research, education, and advocacy.

“Our aim is to be the single source of truth
for everything thrivable”

– THRIVE Project


The organization is proud of its collaborative, cooperative, and diverse multicultural heritage, spanning over 30 countries and five continents. With over 20,000 followers in over 90 countries, THRIVE Project is more than merely an organization. As a movement, we transcend geo-political boundaries and, by design, aim for greenness, openness, and inclusiveness.

The THRIVE “formula engine” enables users to compare results of different context-based methodologies and metrics, and thereby get a much truer picture of actual sustainability performance. THRIVE enables not only backward-looking performance assessment but also forward-looking business modelling, essentially providing the tools to build and assess business models that create System Value.

Bill Baue, Senior Director, r3.0, UN-affiliated researcher, USA

As a society we are all aboard the one sinking ship called Mother Earth. Aggregated grassroots movement to date has been slow, sporadic, and piecemeal.  With resources and time running out, the sustainability challenge is more than ever an imperative, effectively tackled by our holistic integrated context-based approach.

Engaging at unprecedented speed, scale, and scope we employ a radical top-down methodology to address society’s present social and environmental woes. This is best exemplified in the published papers and international conference presentations by our world-leading research arm.

THRIVE philosphy

THRIVE Project offers a wide range of free online community services, including the following:

Platform: sustainability performance measurement tool

Act4Impact: global collaborative community forum

Website: resources, blogs, and social media

Publications: journals and conference presentations

Channels: educational audio-visual content

Events: webinars, training videos

Sponsored joint events, promotions, and services

Our market includes consumers through to business leaders and experts. We serve those individuals who want to make responsible, sustainable, thrivable decisions for their family, household, institution, and community. Backed by the not-for-profit Providence Solutions Australia, we have a growing list of affiliates, collaborators, and sponsors.



  • Morris Fedeli

    Morris D Fedeli is a semi-retired practitioner and doctoral researcher at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, with three decades of industry experience in helping organizations achieve success through the application of new emerging innovative business models and technologies. As a pracademic, he offers a unique Australasian perspective, with experience across three continents and degrees in science, business and project management. His research interest and passion lie in sustainable business innovation strategies for a prosperous society and thrivable future.