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THRIVE Platform is a unique, world-class, online modeling platform, aimed at informing and guiding humanity towards thrivability. It achieves this by providing context-based performance measures linked to strategy, e.g. business model as informed by the sciences. Using big data analytics and advanced machine learning techniques, it utilises sense-making algorithms to assess performance within norms, relative to thresholds and allocation of available resources.

THRIVE Platform measures the impact of strategy changes by enterprises, cities and governments. It quantitatively allows a user to freely tinker with settings, levers and sliders, observe the effect on society and the environment. Using historical data, and a sophisticated backcasting system, and extensive formula engine, THRIVE platform allows a user to simulate pending outcomes, based on the actual datasets and supported science. As an example: what is the impact of a one-degree rise in temperature? What is the impact of phasing out fossil fuels? What if food waste was reduced by 10 per cent? What if new legislation demanded a reduction in pollution in the waterways?

As an agnostic platform, it supports many of the commonly available taxa systems for its material topic selection, such as GRI, SDGs, WBAs etc. THRIVE Platform adopts a strong sustainability stance, and thus unlike many other attempts, it does not invite nor allow for substitution or monetisation of resources. Furthermore, it is an integrated and scale-linked service providing free guidance to users at all levels rather than acting as simply a repository.

THRIVE Platform serves consumers who are wishing to make more informed and sustainable decisions, business leaders who are desiring to excel above their peers, and policymakers who are looking to experiment with “What-if” scenarios for a more prosperous society. Moreover, business analysts and consultants can quantitatively measure and thus encourage their clients to pursue more sustainable outcomes. 


THRIVE encourages enterprises to do good to do well in their pursuit for a competitive advantage. The platform provides business analysts with tools to guide enterprise strategies. It also assists researchers to analyse trends and effectiveness of business models for sustainability. Additionally, THRIVE allows governments to forecast the effects of regulatory or legislative actions. And most importantly, the THRIVE platform empowers individual consumers to actively stimulate competition among enterprises by voting with their wallets.

Need help using the platform?

Below is a short video to help you understand the basics of the platform, explaining the various filters and outcomes you can create. If you need more help, you can register to join in with a guided tour here: