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What is thrivability?

In this episode of THRIVE Talks, we talk to the project lead of The THRIVE Project, Morris Fedeli. He explains what we mean when we talk about thrivability, and reveals some of the history behind THRIVE Project.

Featured Guest – Morris d. fedeli

A doctoral researcher at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, Morris has a professional career spanning three decades in helping organisations achieve success through the application of emerging business models and technologies. Find out more by visiting his website or social media profiles below.

With experience across three continents and holding degrees in science, computing, business and project management, Morris’ research interest and expertise lies in developing sustainable business innovation strategies for a ‘thrivable’ future.

Morris founded The THRIVE Project in collaboration with like-minded individuals from the research community. THRIVE was concerned with providing the best available scientific data for everyone – from individuals, to corporations and governments – to track their social and environmental impacts.

THRIVE is now an established not-for-profit organisation dedicated to engaging the broader community on the issues of sustainability. THRIVE promotes the latest progress on global development goals and provides positive, practical advice for making a better future. 

Thrivability matters podcast

a THRIVABLE future is our fortnightly podcast series, where we talk to sustainability experts about the “thrivability matters” affecting our world.

We dive deep to better understand the complexities of current environmental and social problems and explore solutions towards building a ‘thrivable’ future.

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  • Rebecca Deer

    Rebecca has a degree in Professional Writing and Publishing and is keen to develop her skills while making the world more Thrivable.